Mission & Values


  • To offer quality on every time. We deliver what we promise & believe in long term business relation & association. As you may perceive Alif Group is in a position to give you an adequate answer to all your queries & requirements.
  • Every Village / Community, as the fundamental building block of society, has the capacity, understanding & right to participate fully in the effort to improve their quality of life. Business & Industry are integral parts of Society. Society needs business for the fulfillment of the human needs. On the other hand, Profitable & sustainable business depends on the well- Functioning & Peaceful social environment & respect for basic human rights. 
  • The garments industry, the biggest force earner for Bangladesh is intensive & skill dependent & this region provide the best workers. Its plays an important role in generating employment. Garments industry marks the role of cultural capital in running business in Bangladesh. 
  • The Promoter of the company is very well qualified & Experienced in their respective field & has adequate work Experience to run the enterprise. The company is managed by highly qualified & experienced professionals to look after every activity from product development to final dispatch of goods. They are specialist into all kind of knit garments.
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